STELLIUM MUSIC is a new opportunity for true music fans

Personal recommendation system "Follow you"

Playlists from professional music editors

Personal playlists "My station"

Affordable price and family fare

Ability to promote your tracks, playlists and channels

High audio and video streaming quality

User capabilities



free plan

includes advertising

the highest sound quality of 320 kbps

ability to subscribe to artists channels

Premium Family



no advertising

interactive content

maximum WAV sound quality

playlists formed by the "Follow You" system

personal playlists with the "My station" function




ability to sync across devices

no advertising

maximum WAV sound quality

the ability to promote your channel

"PROFI" function

For advertisers

Unique advertising formats

You can use a wide range of advertising opportunities to suit your goals, whether it's targeted coverage or targeted actions.

Audio clip

For placement on all channels with cross-frequency and targeting: Stellium music will bring information about products and services to the widest possible audience. An advertising video with an interactive element or audio will instantly convert to target actions.

Audio Advertising Remarketing

If the user for some reason did not perform the target action during listening to the clip, he will see the banner on other sites at a more appropriate time.

Audio and video advertising with voice response

While watching or listening to advertising, the user can reply with voice commands that will help the user visit the website, call the company, buy or install the application. Based on artificial intelligence, the technology provides support for interactive voice interaction on iOS and Android platforms. The dialogue development scenario takes into account the user's responses and is aimed at his retention and involvement, naturally leading him to perform targeted actions.

Comfortable personal account

For artists and musicians

Direct and accurate contact with your target audience. Stellium channel - the perfect tool for delivering your content to the consumer! Do it yourself, out of politics, out of the competition!

We will generate for you the Stellium channel and provide the opportunity to manage it yourself. You will be able to promote content and the channel most effectively, including social networks and all digital music sites.

Stellium channel allows you to place audio, video and photo materials of its owner. Announce any artist events, concerts, presentations, release announcements and other events. You will be able to receive feedback from your audience, reporting on listening and viewing your videos of any length. The geography of the popularity of your content will be available to you.